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Customer privacy always comes in our first priority. We are very much conscious about the privacy policies of the customers. Here at Joonussait, we are very much aware of the demands of our customers and made our policies to protect and make the best use of all our customer’s details. Please go through our privacy policies carefully before providing any specific data about yourself on our website.

For getting the best service from us, please fill up all the necessary forms and details on our website. Only through your proper cooperation and genuine information, we will be able to provide you the best service. You will get to know about how those details are used, maintained and protected for the purpose of improving our service through our privacy policies.

Details we need from our customers

We collect only a few details from our customers for understanding the specific demands of our customers. Some of the details that we need from our customers are:

  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id

These details are only used for informing the customer about the service and the status. None of the above details are used for any kinds of promotional purposes.

How the details are used maintained and protected

We know that these details are very much valuable for our customers, so only a few officials have access to those details. Those details are never shared with any third party or other promotional sources. We only discuss those details with the third party for the delivery purpose. All our customer details are stored under high-security software and antivirus to protect it from malware attack.